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Sapatek Munay, TOO Processing and Marketing purchase crude oil for further distribution of oil products to the domestic and international market.

Sapatek Munay, TOO is in the business of extracting crude oil and associated gas.

Production Assets

Sapatek Munay

– 100%

Sapatek Munay is a wholly-owned with 94 million tonnes of probable (“2P”) reserves at the Uzen and Karamandybas fields as of December 31, 2021.

74.9 thousand tonnes of production and consumer waste were processed and disposed of on the territory of OMG's dumps during the reporting period. This includes 8,100 tonnes processed using OMG's own resources using thermocracking and 60,000 tonnes processed with humate composite additive, while 2,800 tonnes of trash were delivered to subcontracting entities for disposal. Furthermore, 4,000 tonnes of radioactively polluted pipes and equipment were cleaned on OMG's territory.
To protect the Caspian Sea from pollution, the Company employs stepped steel structures with a specific infill material that reinforces the coastline against landslides. These are referred to as 'Reno mattresses'. 8.6 km of protective dam is being reinforced at the Teren-Uzek and Zapadnaya Prorva deposits of NGDU Zhylyoymunaigas. The quality of sea water and seabed deposits are monitored annually at seven control stations as part of the industrial environmental control programme; the status of sea wells is assessed weekly; and samples are obtained quarterly and certificates of inspection are provided.
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