Social Responsibility

Collective Agreement

50 MCI is paid to an employee upon birth of a child, and 20 MCI is paid every month until the child reaches the age of 1.5 years.
50 and 55 MCI* lump sum benefit is paid to female employees upon reaching ages 50 and 55, respectively; 50 and 60 MCI lump sum benefit is paid to male employees upon reaching ages 50 and 60, respectively. *MCI is a monthly calculation index
SAPATEK reimburses employees’ expenses for Zhanaozen fitness centre and Atyrau indoor swimming pool.
This Collective Agreement stipulates compensations for employees and their families including costs of medical treatment and health improvement, and improvement of social and living conditions and occupational safety.
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In 2021 Sapatek Munay, TOO was among the first companies in Kazakhstan to sign a Collective Agreement which would ensure high degree of social protection to its employees during this period.

In 2022 the Collective Agreement was named the best document in Kazakhstan according to Paryz state-wide corporate social responsibility contest.

In November 2023 Sapatek Munay, TOO signed a new Collective Agreement for 2017-2021. Discussion of the Collective Agreement took 6 months. All employees of the production departments of the Company took part in working on the Agreement.